Lebendige Bauten


Creative direction and project lead: Brigitta Bungard
Content: Brigitta Bungard, Katrin Reiling, Kerstin Meyer-Ebrecht
Design: Brigitta Bungard, Anja Fengler, Rita Lauckner
Copywriting: Katrin Reiling
Audiovisual projection and sound design: Xenorama
Voiceover: René Schwittay
Exhibition furniture design: Neubauen.design
3D Model: Janusz Kruszewski


Designpreis Brandenburg 2019,
1. place, communication design

Lebendige Bauten

How do you stop people on their way to a play or concert and get them interested in the details of renovating old military buildings, that now make up Potsdams's creative quarter 'Schiffbauergasse'? Our approach: we created an exhibition from scratch, as a multisensual experience – just what they came for. A wooden model of the creative quarter – the only object we were given – was brought to life by projecting an animated film directly onto it. With light and soundbites, buildings were demolished and erected. Horsemen could be seen riding through the former alleys and turn into military vehicles and later party crowds. An actor of the nearby theater narrated the history. The rest of the exhibition offered different perspectives on the project – from conservatory to activist views, and finally made space for the visitors' own informed opinions. The exhibition catalog offered in-depth background information to go. It still serves as the official documentation of the cultural quarter's development.

ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Poster
ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Zeitstrahl
ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Zeitstrahl Detail
ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Titelwand
ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Filmprojektion 1
ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Filmprojektion 2
ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Filmprojektion Detail

The animated film projection on the wood model, with the narrating voice-over by an actor of the near-by theater, turned the history of the cultural quarter into pure drama. Large images projected on the wall behind the film projection helpes to create an immersive experience.

ProPotsdam: Lebendige Bauten, Dioramen
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Der Katalog zur Ausstellung sammelte alle von uns recherchierten Inhalte zur Ausstellung, als weitere Ebene zur Vertiefung. Er dient weiterhin als Referenzwerk zur Geschichte und Sanierung der Schiffbauergasse.

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