Weiter Offen (= still open / more openness)


Developed at Heine/Lenz/Zizka.
Creative direction: Brigitta Bungard
Design: Ole Gehling, Brigitta Bungard
Copywriting: Alexander Schirl


German Design Award, Special Mention, 2014
Hamburger Preis für Kulturkommunikation, 2015

Weiter Offen (= still open / more openness)

While undergoing an extensive 2-year modernization, Hamburg’s renowned 'Kunsthalle' had to partially close its exhibition space to the public. They wanted to let people know, that the museum was still open and guide them to a temporary entrance at the far other end of the building. Our team at Heine/Lenz/Zizka developed a communication campaign around a deceptively simple claim: 'Weiter Offen' means both 'still open' and 'more openness' – also hinting at new ideas and a new attitude waiting to emerge from behind the fence in 2016. The campaign included a signage system, outdoor advertising, print materials and a microsite. In advertising, 'Weiter Offen' extends to a whole family of claims used in conjunction with artwork, such as 'Weiter Blicken' (still looking + looking further) and 'Weiter Denken' (still thinking + thinking broader).

Kommunikationskampagne Hamburger Kunsthalle
Hamburger Kunsthalle: Weiter Offen. Signage
Hamburger Kunsthalle: Weiter Offen. Flaggen
Hamburger Kunsthalle: Weiter Offen
Hamburger Kunsthalle: Weiter Offen. Website

above: The campaing microsite informed about the modernisation's current status, allowing rare views behind the scenes.

right: the matching presskit

Hamburger Kunsthalle: Weiter Offen. Press-Kit